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  • Beverly Crider


We've already told you about our No Dirty Deals Collaborative. We are supporting the work of the Center for Biological Diversity and many more, who will be holding an emergency rally tomorrow morning opposing the Dirty Deal in DC. We'll be hosting Congress members and frontline climate justice advocates to urge House members to vote no on the rule advancing the dirty deal as part of the national defense act.

For those in DC, we need you--please come (& bring your rain gear)! We need to show that public is watching and holding Congress accountable for dirty deal giveaways.

WHO: Congressional champs voting no on rule + Frontline Leaders + Climate Advocates

WHAT: Action urging House to vote no on rule advancing Dirty Deal

WHEN: Tuesday, Dec. 6, 8-9 am (speakers start at 8:15 am)

WHERE: Outside Cannon House Office Building, Intersection of Ct SE and New Jersey Ave SE (Pin here:

If you have questions, please contact Ben Goloff (!

People vs. Fossil Fuels have provided us with this additional informtion:

The House is poised to vote as early as TOMORROW morning, Eastern Time, on a rule that would attach the Dirty Deal to the NDAA, Congress’s annual Defense bill. The Dirty Deal guts key environmental laws and will fast-track the Mountain Valley Pipeline and other fossil fuel projects. This may be our only chance to stop the dirty deal from passing. We’ve killed this zombie bill before, and we can do it again! But, we need all hands on deck before tomorrow morning Eastern! Here’s what you can do: 1. Call key House targets and ask them to VOTE NO on any rule that advances the dirty deal. Tier 1 target phone numbers are here. You can use this script: “Hi, my name is ____, & I’m calling on behalf of ____. We urge your boss to vote NO on any rule that would advance Senator Manchin’s dirty permitting deal. This legislation is an unacceptable fossil fuel giveaway that makes a mockery of our climate and environmental justice goals.” 2. Send an email to House democrats asking them to VOTE NO on any rule that advances the dirty deal. You can use this contact list and this template. If you can only hit a few offices, focus on the tier 1 targets in the first tab. 3. Urge your network to take action against the dirty deal using this action pack. Use this graphic and the draft twitter thread copy below to tweet now:
  • URGENT: The #DirtyDeal could be voted on tomorrow morning. Use the numbers & script below to urge your Rep, Senator, & Speaker Pelosi to vote NO on any rule that advances the #DirtyDeal. #PeoplevsFossilFuels

  • “My name is __, & I’m from __. I’m urging you to vote NO on any rule that would advance Senator Manchin’s dirty permitting deal. I'm deeply concerned about any legislation that would fast-track fossil fuel projects, harm our climate, & sacrifice communities.”

4. Join a phonebank to generate calls from constituents to top targets. Join here anytime from 6-9pm ET / 3-6pm PT. Contact with any questions. Thanks for being in this fight with us! The People Vs Fossil Fuels Team

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