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LNG In The Gulf South : No Dirty Deal Campaign 

Exporting climate-killing Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) via terminals in the Gulf South is putting people and the planet at risk. Over the years  a number of laws designed to solve economic issues like the Inflation Reduction Act have been unveiled in the political sphere with a hidden goal that jeopardizes the health of our communities and the environment. The Biden administration announcement  to pause any further approval of LNG export terminals is a start. However, this pause does not affect existing LNG exporting facilities, so our vulnerable communities, environment, and future prosperity will continue to be harmed . And Biden is under tremendous political pressure to remove the pause. In response to this and other alarming trends, The People's Justice Council is proud to announce the launch of our 2024 #NoDirtyDeals Campaign.

LNG facilities have become prominent features along the Gulf Coast, transforming our coastal landscapes and ecosystems. The Louisiana and Texas coast  hold 5 active LNG terminals with there being about 22 LNG facilities that are under construction. Since 2023 the US  has become the global leader in LNG. These facilities, while promising economic growth and energy security, bring with them a plethora of environmental risks. The extraction, processing, and transportation of natural gas inherently carry the potential for leaks, spills, and emissions that pose grave threats to our air and water quality. Moreover, the construction and operation of LNG infrastructure disrupt fragile coastal habitats, endangering marine life and compromising the resilience of our coastal communities in the face of climate change.

The expansion of LNG infrastructure in the Gulf South perpetuates our reliance on fossil fuels, hindering progress towards a sustainable and renewable energy future. By investing in LNG, we divert resources away from cleaner alternatives such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, thereby exacerbating the climate crisis and perpetuating environmental injustices disproportionately felt by marginalized communities in the Gulf South .

Beyond environmental concerns, the proliferation of LNG facilities perpetuates social and economic inequities within our communities. While proponents tout the job creation and economic benefits associated with LNG development, these gains often come at the expense of local residents' health, safety, and quality of life. Communities situated near LNG facilities bear the brunt of pollution, noise, and other adverse impacts, while reaping few of the purported benefits.The influx of transient workers associated with LNG projects strains local infrastructure and services, further exacerbating existing socioeconomic disparities.

In light of these pressing challenges, our campaign No Dirty Deals  is committed to advocating for a just and sustainable energy transition in the Gulf South. We envision a future where renewable energy sources power our communities, safeguard our environment, and foster equitable economic development. To achieve this vision, we must mobilize grassroots support, engage stakeholders across sectors, and hold policymakers accountable for prioritizing the well-being of our communities over short-term profits.

As part of our campaign, we will work to raise awareness about the impacts of LNG on the Gulf South, amplify the voices of affected communities, and advocate for policies that promote renewable energy, environmental justice, and equitable economic development. By uniting in this endeavor, we can chart a course towards a more resilient, prosperous, and sustainable future for generations to come.

As we gather more information to plan a sustainable campaign that prioritizes communities The People's Justice Council wants YOUR opinion on Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) in the Gulf South! Please feel free to feel out our LNG Gulf Survey. 

Thank you for your steadfast support.


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