The People's Justice Council

The specific purpose of the programs of The People's Justice Council is to engage and equip communities with the tools to build power to fight for their own JUSTICE and EQUITY.

Alabama Interfaith Power and Light (ALIPL)

Reducing the environmental impact of communities of faith.

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The People's Justice Academy

Addressing community health through pollution and poverty programs.

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Faith and Justice Education Program

Organize monthly webinars about faith and justice to engage clergy and community leaders. Through the Environmental Justice Tours, we are raising awareness about local environmental justice issues.

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About Us


To create a just world one corner at a time – a world that is equitable and sustainable, with a just economy, that is harmonious with people, planet and profit.


Engage and equip communities  with tools to fight for justice. Alabama is the launching point for our work and initiatives.

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The People's Justice Council

1500 Daniel Payne Center

Birmingham, AL 35214


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