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About Us

Our Vision
What We Do

To create a just world – a world that is equitable, sustainable, and just, and that connects people with policy.

We engage and equip communities with tools to build power from the grassroots up and to fight for justice at the policy level.

Our Community

Our beloved community consists of those that have been downtrodden, demeaned, and disenfranchised, along with, those who want to do something about it. Our community is an interfaith community who believe that we should be grounded in love for Creation and Creator.


We believe in an ambitious vision of having a JUST and EQUITABLE world, and we will fight to see this vision actualized.

Board of Directors

Current Members


Rev.  Michael Malcom

Non-voting Board Member


Turethia Malcom

Board Member


Alexander Easdale

Board Member

Advisory and Founding Members

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 1.11.59 PM.png

Rev. Leo Woodberry

Advisory Member


Danna Smith

Advisory Member


Reverend Kate McGregor Mosley

Founding Board Member


Chandra Farley

Founding Board Member

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