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From Resilience to Restoration March 2023: Biomass Workshop with Katherine Eglund and EEECHO!

From Resilience to Restoration April 2023: Power to the People: Faith, EVs, and Charging Stations

PJC Executive Director Rev. Michael Malcom Featured in "Taxing the Sun" 


The Inflation Reduction Act is a Trojan Horse for dirty, climate- and people-killing oil and gas profiteers.

According to AP News, "The climate measure President Joe Biden signed Tuesday bypasses the administration’s concerns about emissions and guarantees new drilling opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. The legislation was crafted to secure backing from a top recipient of oil and gas donations, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, and was shaped in part by industry lobbyists." [] Deal with the Devil, gonna get burned. The People's Justice Council is creating a set of interfaith resources to dump this dangerous side deal and ensure that People and Planet are not sacrificed for Profit. The Gulf South will not be a sacrifice zone as we move From Resilience to Restoration. Won't you help us by showing your support? By adding your signature, you will join and strengthen our growing "No Dirty Deals" collaborative! Link to share:

Energizing the South

For Energy Justice

Red Wall & Stairs

According to ACEEE's 2020 Energy Efficiency Scorecard, none of the utilities in the Southeast is ranked in the top 20 for promoting energy efficiency, and Alabama Power is ranked dead last in the country (52 of 52). To see where your state ranks, view ACEEE's State Energy Efficiency Scorecard.

Interfaith Statement
on Energy and Equity


The People's Justice Council and Alabama Interfaith Power & Light ask for your signature and that of your house of faith.

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Gulf South for a Green New Deal

We are involved with Gulf South for a Green New Deal (#GulfSouth4GND). It is a regional formation of more than 200 organizations advancing long-existing work towards climate, racial, and economic justice in five states across the Gulf South: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida. Want to learn more? Click below!


Southern Communities for a
Green New Deal

We are also involved with the Southern Communities for a Green New Deal (SCGND), which is an organizing and movement building project of the Southeast Climate & Energy Network. This policy platform is the product of the thought leadership of over 100 leaders and advocates from across the South including the members of SCEN, Kingdom Living Temple and Justice First, Dogwood Alliance, and Gulf South for a Green New Deal. Click below to learn more!

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Red Black & Green New Deal

Another formation we are involved with is the Red Black and Green New Deal (#RBGND), which is a multi-year multi-issue initiative designed to educate and catalyze Black people to take actions that mitigate the impact of the global climate crisis on Black Lives. They have released the first National Black Climate Mandate that will inform our organizing and network building, and will bottom-line our engagement with law and policy as we highlight the fight for climate justice in the Vision for Black Lives. Click below to learn more!

Making a Difference

The People’s Justice Council (The PJC) was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in July 2018. Based out of Birmingham, Alabama, The PJC collaborates with interdisciplinary partners globally in all aspects of our work in service to disenfranchised communities.  


When she can sit amongst your colleagues


The People’s Justice Council is a

values-driven organization. Our values are at the heart of everything we do. They include:


Leadership development, advocacy, multiplying from a position of strength



Moral obligation, doing the right thing, fighting for people and communities that are oppressed 



Fair distribution of resources, equal opportunity, bottom-up approach to leadership, communities speak for themselves through a democratic process



Just adaptation to climate change impacts, winning by overcoming obstacles, the systematic accomplishment of our vision



Innovation, collaboration, new ways to outreach creating unique and out of the box partnership alignments - we dare to be different to solve the problem



Determination to stay in the fight and win, even when it is really challenging

Interfaith Power and Light is represente


Alabama Interfaith Power and Light

Alabama Interfaith Power and Light (Al IPL) is The People's Justice Council's environmental stewardship program. AL IPL is an interfaith program that sees environmental Stewardship through the lens of faith. We work with congregations to educate and advocate for a healthier planet and people.

Click here to learn more.

Faith and Justice Education Program

Raising awareness about local environmental justice issues. Providing Organize monthly webinars about faith and justice to engage clergy and community leaders.

This webinar is a partnership with the United Church of Christ and is co-hosted by Rev Dr. Brooks Berndt and Rev Michael Malcolm, MDiv MBA



Help us to spread our love and faith through education and advocacy.

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