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To create a just world one corner at a time – a world that is equitable and sustainable, with a just economy, that is harmonious with people, planet and profit.


Engage and equip communities  with tools to fight for justice. Alabama is the launching point for our work and initiatives.

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The People's Justice Council

1500 Daniel Payne Center

Birmingham, AL 35214



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31 December

PSC Solar Fee
Comments Deadline

ACT NOW – Deadline Dec. 31, 2019. Let the Alabama Public Service Commission know we need relief for solar customers. 


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Interfaith Statement
on Energy And Equity


The People's Justice Council and Alabama Interfaith Power & Light ask for your signature and that of your house of faith.


Justice Does Not Take a Holiday

During this holiday season, the PJC wishes you a peaceful and just transition to a caring and equitable New Year.


Please support our work if you can.


Making a Difference

The People’s Justice Council (The PJC) was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in July 2018. Based out of Birmingham, Alabama, The PJC collaborates with interdisciplinary partners globally in all aspects of our work in service to disenfranchised communities.  



The People’s Justice Council is a

values-driven organization. Our values are at the heart of everything we do. They include:


Leadership development, advocacy, multiplying from a position of strength



Moral obligation, doing the right thing, fighting for people and communities that are oppressed 



Fair distribution of resources, equal opportunity, bottom-up approach to leadership, communities speak for themselves through a democratic process



Just adaptation to climate change impacts, winning by overcoming obstacles, the systematic accomplishment of our vision



Innovation, collaboration, new ways to outreach creating unique and out of the box partnership alignments - we dare to be different to solve the problem



Determination to stay in the fight and win, even when it is really challenging


The People's Justice Academy

Providing tools for building power through training and organizing. We work with environmental justice communities to organize from the grassroots up. We advocate and educate for the leadership of grassroots at the planning table for movement building.

Click here to learn more.

Alabama Interfaith Power and Light

Alabama Interfaith Power and Light (Al IPL) is The People's Justice Council's environmental stewardship program. AL IPL is an interfaith program that sees environmental Stewardship through the lens of faith. We work with congregations to educate and advocate for a healthier planet and people.

Click here to learn more.

Faith and Justice Education Program

Raising awareness about local environmental justice issues. Providing Organize monthly webinars about faith and justice to engage clergy and community leaders.

This webinar is a partnership with the United Church of Christ and is co-hosted by Rev Dr. Brooks Berndt and Rev Michael Malcolm, MDiv MBA


Dec 31

PSC Solar Fee
Comments Deadline

ACT NOW – Deadline Dec. 31, 2019. Let the Alabama Public Service Commission know we need relief for solar customers. Read More

Jan 14

Webinar: Activist Theology with Robyn Henderson-Espinoza


January’s Creation Justice Webinar will feature Robyn Henderson-Espinoza who has been named one of 10 Faith Leaders to Watch by the Center for American Progress. Her new book is entitled "Activist Theology," and in this webinar, she will connect the struggle for creation justice to the kind of theological reflection needed to take collective action and build movements. Sign-up for the webinar even if you can’t make its January 14th date, because a link to its recording will be sent to all who register. Register now!

Recording: Solar Power 101 for Faith Communities

In case you missed it, last month’s Creation Justice  Webinar was full of insights for churches that either want to go solar or want to help their neighbors go solar. Anya Schoolman of Solar Neighbors United gave practical tips for going solar that covered financing options, pitfalls to avoid, and strategies for success. She additionally talked about why churches may want to start a solar co-op as a first step in advancing solar. Watch the video of her presentation!

Jan 15

Climate Justice Event

Congratulations to the Southeast Conference for receiving a special grant from the UCC Brown Continuing Education Fund to sponsor a Special Event on Climate Justice. Rev. Michael Malcolm, our Conference Environmental Justice Representative, is seeking a few folks (clergy or lay) who will serve as a planning committee for the Event. We have the resources, knowledge, and motivation. We just need a few other interested folks to make the event a reality.

Interested or questions? Contact Michael revmalcom@thepeoplesjusticecouncil.org. We need names by January 15, 2020.

Help us to spread our love and faith through education and advocacy.