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Can spirituality and religion help hault climate change?

Elevating the outlook of the common good and criticizing the destructive moral foundations of society can be part of creating the structural change required to combat climate change.

In times global turmoil full of social divisiveness and mounting controversy, it can seem odd to emphasize the importance of spiritual institutions in our drive to halt climate change.

However, faith-based delegations flocked to this year’s UN Climate Change Conference, COP24, in Katowice, Poland, from all corners of our planet. Indigenous leaders, scientists and UN officials rang the bell for attention to the foundational role spirituality plays in halting the growing existential catastrophe of climate change.

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1 Comment

James Curry
James Curry
Sep 20, 2023

Great article. Honestly, most of the religions helped destroy the planet and supported the capitalism, and wars that hurt us then and now. Accountability is important.

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