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Reflections at the End of the Year/Decade

For too long we have been on defense and awaiting rescue as it relates to the #ClimateCrisis. We have been deemed as enemies of progress by the #fossilfuels industry. Big money has been deployed to attack our agenda of creating a just and equitable world. In 2020, we go on offense!

In 2018, I started The People's Justice Council with a vision of creating a just world. This vision is founded on equity and justice. This vision is also interfaith based. We engage and equip communities with tools and access to build power from the grassroots up to fight for justice at the policy level.

Since 2018, The People's Justice Council has accomplished a great deal for the cause of environmental justice. In 2018, we successfully relaunched Alabama Interfaith Power and Light. We launched the Southeast Faith Leaders Network and held our first retreat in Black Mountain, NC. In September of 2019 we played an integral role in the Global Climate Strikes as the co-chair of the Faith Working Group. We were able to be on the planning committee for the 2020 American Climate Leadership Summit with ecoAmerica. We coordinated Grassroots activities for COP25 in Madrid, Spain as co-chair of the Building Power from the Grassroots Up International Working Group with Climate Action  Network International. Last, we have faithfully maintained our monthly Creation Justice Webinars in partnership with the United Church Of Christ Environmental Justice Ministry. We would not have been able to accomplish any of this without your continued support.

We have more in store for 2020. In 2020, we go on offense! Those with 2020 vision are able to see clear. 2020 is about seeing clear the path to defeat this crisis. In 2020, we not only see clear but we see far. We move with courage to fulfill this vision of creating a just world through education and advocacy. Some of the upcoming projects: Alabama IPL's Advocacy Day (to deliver the Interfaith Energy and Equity statement), Southeast Justice Podcast, WERise (Weatherizing every resident in the Southeast), and democratizing Alabama's rural electrical co-ops (We Own It). Last, we are now global! The People's Justice Council has been selected to be the US Climate Action Network International Liaison. Meaning, we will be coordinating international efforts for US Climate Action Network.

We are a small organization that is still in its infancy. Without your immediate help, we cannot continue fulfilling our mission. Be a vital part of our  efforts to create a just world by giving today. Help us in 2020 to go on offense!

Peace, Love, and Light,

Rev Michael Malcom, MDiv MBA

Executive Director, The People's Justice Council

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