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Easter and WERiSE

Easter is for the Christian what the Super Bowl is for fans of the National Football League. It the time that we celebrate the resurrection narrative of Jesus the Christ. Many of us observe the season of Lent. We also observe the religious tradition of Holy Week. We go through the agonizing retelling of state sanctioned murder. We sit in reflective silence on Saturday awaiting with hopeful anticipation of the announcement of the resurrection. Preachers in pulpits everywhere paint the picture of the stone being rolled away and the tomb being empty. We celebrate the joyous outcome that has come to symbolize new beginnings and grace.

The past three days the People’s Justice Council’s team has been on a retreat of rediscovery and re-imagining. During this retreat we spent time reflecting on where we have been and re-imagined where we are going. In 2020, we accomplished many of our goals and expanded others. In 2021, we picked up where we left off. We spent time during this retreat organizing our programs and projects. Programs such as, Energizing the South for Energy Justice and Alabama Interfaith Power and Light along with projects such as WERiSE Alabama and Let’s Talk with Rev were given timelines and ownership.

We also re-imagined how we approach the work of justice. Like Christ we recognized that although we have the power to keep going, it is also good to stay in the tomb and rest before getting back up. During the retreat we spent time bonding on beach outings and nice dining. Thank you to our board and staff who brought this to fruition. Thank you to you the People’s Justice Council for making this possible!

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