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PJC Statement on Affirmative Action

Affirmative action has long been an issue of social policy, and its impact on marginalized communities. While affirmative action aims to address historical inequalities and provide equal opportunities, its implementation and effects are far from straightforward. The historical difficulties that black and brown communities have experienced must be acknowledged. Socioeconomic inequalities, racism, and discrimination in systems have hindered economic and educational possibilities for generations.

The Supreme Court's ruling on Thursday June 29, 2023, to not allow Universities to use affirmative action admissions practices to increase diversity on campuses will put marginalized groups at a disadvantage. More than 200 schools have highly selective admissions, where fewer than 50% of applicants get in with the majority of these schools making up Ivy League’s. Removing race as a factor from college admissions decreases the mandate for an ethnic diversity of students at these schools. Since race is taken away there should be an elimination of legacies admissions and athletic recruitment to ensure that there is an equal opportunity for all applicants. Once more, we see that whiteness is protected at the expense of the benefits for communities of color.

The SCOTUS decision to exempt military academies is an insult to vulnerable communities as well . In footnotes written by Chief Justice Roberts stated that this policy will not impact how military academies handle admissions due to “distinct interests' . All this statement is telling our communities is that we are only valued by putting our lives on the line for a country that has mistreated and abused us but not for the highest educational institutions. Chief Justice Roberts should know that our bodies are valued beyond putting our lives on the line for a country that has decided to limit our access to its educational institutions and a thriving future.

This past week the SCOTUS made some questionable decisions that will potentially affect all minority groups in America. From their decisions in affirmative action to LGBTQ rights and student loan forgiveness programs it makes people wonder if this system is set up to harm our futures. This court system is becoming our opposition and taking away our path towards liberation!

The People's Justice Council will continue to engage and equip communities with tools and access to build power for policy change. We will continue to fight for a better tomorrow and the opportunities that our communities deserve. We have made our choice. We chose Life! We are calling on our decision makers to do the same.

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