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We Are One

Frankie Beverly and Maze has a song called, We Are One. One refrain says,

And no matter how it's said or done We are one no matter what we do We are one love will see us through We are one and that's the way it is

We The People, cannot be stopped if we can work outside of our bubbles and look around to see the bigger picture. The bigger picture is this, when one suffers, we ALL suffer! Frankie Beverly said,

I can't understand Why we treat each other in this way Taking up time With the silly silly games we play

The Fossil Fuel Industry (ExxonMobil) has known about their impact on the climate for decades and they hid it! Do you hear me? They had a study that said what they were doing was disrupting the climate and THEY HID IT! They have used divisive tactics to continue to make profit; they destroy communities with pollution (especially black, brown, and First Nation communities) without even hiding it (egregious disrespect); they have co-opted theology and made it about profit and individualism; and, hijacked our already racist democracy.

Meanwhile, we lose sight of the fact that you can plant pollution but you can't contain it. The water flows and the wind blows! It may affect one community directly but it affects us all indirectly. We are one because we are all suffering as one. Some may suffer quicker than others but you best believe, we all suffer.

The good news is, we are one. If we can build on an equitable and ambitious climate vision together as one, we are uncontainable; if we agree to such a just and equitable vision, we are undeniable; and, if we fight as one, we are unstoppable.


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